About to End, Again, Again

Based on last year’s blogs, I posted last week’s “final post”. Well, you can’t decide when to end. Based on the weekly feedback notification email, I have to write my weekly posts 13. =_=

Anyway, not a big deal, all I need to do is brag more about the Dashboard with Robby. See, I’ve already written about 100 words and still writting. (I watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The line “I’m out of my words”, Thor said while he is holding against Ultron, is really funny.)

It’s been a productive and funny week, and especially the weekend. I delivered my final documentation PR and put a full stop of this year’s GSoC. Though GSoC is over, the project will still go along. I’ll work on Dashboard in my leisure time to make it better, fix those small bugs at least.