GSoC 2015 Week8

It’s a taxing week indeed, I’ve done lots of works, including:


The EJS template engine is somehow outdated and lots of functions we’re utilizing in Dashboard currently is abandoned, like layouts and partials. Besides Dashboard hasn’t done well in segregation between views level and controller level, lots of html stuff are injected programatically, which makes things hard to maintain. So we’ve decided to convert EJS to JADE, and update other related stuff as well.

Things like this are usually boring and taxing, however, we must accept the fact and conquer it.

Restructing the Project

We used a system modules structure last year, trying to separate the routes logic to make things clearer. But rethinking it again, now I find the idea is very stupid, it hasn’t make things more clearer, but make the code more cumbersome. So I’ve taken this chance to remedy the errors I commited. The structure now mainly borrows Keysone’s, though we haven’t adopted its DB solution.