GSoC 2015 Week6

… From the GSoC timeline showed on melange, I thought this week is used for resting… So shamefully, I haven’t done many things this week…

The project is now appraching a important stage to improve embrace the Keystone. Though issue on JIRA said that it was used to simply replace Formage, there are lots of works besides this. It’s not simply a new admin panel, but a new project structure. The current one haven’t tackled the segragation well, many modules are strongly cohesive and the logic flow between sources is like a mess. Last year I’ve been focusing on minor-scale stuff, and this year on big pictures, just to make the Dashboard more maintainable and more easy to comprehend for future developers.

Currently I was trying to add keystone the panel to Dashboard, however small problems were encountered. Here is a issue I opened.