GSoC 2015 Week2

Well… Exam period is coming… For the sake of GPA, I have to spend lots of time on reviewing. Hence, commits were getting less.

However, goodnews is that the midterm goals are kind of easier compared to those final, and I’ve finished a lot. Currently I’m working on managing front-end dependencies by Bower, which is a npm-like package management tools. Though the task itself is rather easy, all I need to do is find the referrence and replace it, some parts of codebase of Dashboard are kind of aged with lots of deprecated code and dependencies that sometimes will confuse developer, namely me for now. So besides adorpting Bower, I’m also reviewing our code-base to filter out-dated parts which would make things easier in the future. That’s work related with ID-102

Also, I’ve been working on ID-89 as well which aims to refactor ldap.js and add tests.

To summarize:


  • Reviewed some parts of Dashboard front-end thing.
  • Refactored ldap.js and added some tests for it.


  • Finish these tasks: ID-102 and ID-89.
  • See what I can achieve with ES6.