GSoC 2015: Week1

The first week has passed with not too many troubles, and I hope that this could last for the whole summer. :)

Though having pressure to deal with school works as well, I still managed to deliver some simple work. It’s ID-105 that concerns about creating and synchronizing the OpenMRS-ID with Talk’s account system.

Well, originally I thought this would be a simple task that only costs a few hours. However, it’s not that easy. From my work log, I can recall that I’ve spent one and a half day to get the testing environment set up. The Discourse has a paucity of documentation, like many start-up opensource projects, and it’s also a Ruby on Rails project, which is a technique I’m totally unfamiliar with. And after setting up the environment, I then used a day to mess around with its API, which turns out to be inappropriate. :/ So exhausted I am, I decided to use the brutal-force way, which is to imitate user’s login behaviour as SSO will handle the sync automatically.

Right before I deliver my PR, Robby notified me about the newly added PR convention of OpenMRS listed here. The guide suggests us to use git rebase to squash all commits into one and then make the PR. That’s indeed very thoughtful idea. It’s a pity that I only know this now. And then I wrote another script for syncing current accounts.

Anyway to sum up briefly:

What I Have Done

  • Added an auto-sync hook for TALK.
  • Wrote a script to import current accouts.

Actually…… It’s not so much that I have done. Sorry, used a few days to get familiar to development again.