The Last Weekly-post for GSoC

Wow, time flies. It’s already my final weekly blog post for GSoC 2014. So much fun I’ve had, Great journey indeed.

I had uploaded my final presentation this week, here. And eared a few “likes”, hoho. However, except for that, I didn’t do much work this week. Well… if you listen carefully in my presentation, you may find out that I had some issue with my throat. It’s inflammation, and it got worse after the day I uploaded the post. So anyway, I took a week-off resting.

Well, actually not just resting… my ubuntu was broken, again. So I took this chance upgraded all my stuff, including the tools that supports this blog.

However, it’s already in “documentation period”, and my project has less stress on that. The works will be done soon hopefully.

So, all in all, I had a sick week :/ , but the work will be done pretty.

Bon voyage!