About to End

Well the title should be “The 12th Week of GSoC”, if I went the usual way. Hahhhh, well, tomorrow will be the official soft pencil down date. It means, I need to stop coding, and working on perfecting documentations.

It’s really been a great unforgettable experience, It’s my first time working on a real-life project, and first time to work for a open-source community, specifically such a great community that with such a noble objective. “Write codes, save lives”!

Originally, I want to publish this blog later after I have done my final presentation. However it’s not done yet, and it’s close to the end of this week. I have to publish my weekly-blog.

Anyway, the presentation will be done in tomorrow for sure.

Well, summarize as usual.


  1. Fixed few issues, ID-48, ID-51, and working on ID-52, ID-55 now.
  2. Done the specification work for the RESTful APIs with Elliott(Well, most works is done by him, I’m not experienced…)
  3. Working on the final presentation.